Our philosophy aligns with the way we think about design.

As an integrated professional Porcelain Slab brand under the global strategy, Litex Surface dedicated to the design, R&D, production, and fabrication, providing clients high-quality Porcelain Slab solutions.

Litex Surface's commitment to exploring and accurately identifying potential needs for integrated design makes it quickly gain an outstanding reputation in the global marketplace. Based on market intelligence, we developed a variety of customized services based on the characteristics of the Porcelain Slab to satisfy more users.

As a professional Porcelain Slab supplier in the high-end market, we are committed to providing customers comprehensive solutions of high-quality Porcelain Slab. Litex Surface focuses on the development and production of large slabs, the customization of slabs, and the integrated slab solutions provided by the project.

Litex Surface, as a new high-end Porcelain slab of larger size, offers designers and users more possibilities with its unique specifications and performance.

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